$15 small (approximately 25-40 blooms depending on size of blooms)
$25 large (approximately 50 - 80 blooms depending on size of blooms)

Chamomile is a well known, floral medicine whose dainty blooms look like cheerful mini daisies. Chamomile offers a sweet, earthy flavor to foods, desserts, teas or even syrups. We let chamomile run wild here on the farm, its known to be beneficial in the garden, and there's nothing like walking through a patch of it and releasing its distinctive aroma that makes you feel like you've just been hugged.

All of our unsprayed greens and flowers are grown here on the farm, most started from seed, each year, and babied til bloom! Pricing is based on quantity of stems, size of the flowers, and variety of the blooms provided.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about edible flowers.

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