$15 small (approximately 25-40 blooms depending on size of blooms)
$25 large (approximately 50 - 80 blooms depending on size of blooms)

Nasturtiums might be my favorite of the edible flowers! Not only do they look gorgeous in salads and on desserts, but they are big and bright (usually yellow, red, orange) and they have an unexpected spicy peppery flavor that really makes you take notice. The leaves look like little lily pads, have a bit stronger flavor and can be blended into pesto.

All of our unsprayed greens and flowers are grown here on the farm, most started from seed, each year, and babied til bloom! Pricing is based on quantity of stems, size of the flowers, and variety of the blooms provided.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about edible flowers.

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