Strawberry Starts (10 Starts)

This June bearing variety sure earns its name, "Jewel"; with its lovely classic strawberry shape and color. Jewel is an abundant producer and the flavor will knock your socks off! Perfect for jam, pies and even the freezer....if they make it out of the patch!

Planting suggestions:
- Get your plants in the ground as early in the season as possible (ie early march) so they have lots of time to become established before spring.
- Ensure the crowns are planted at ground level and that all the roots are covered.
- Space plants 12-18" apart.
- Strawberries like an acidic soil, but aren't super picky. However, they are heavy feeders so ensure the beds are prepared: dig in some compost and manure, add some blood and bone meal, rock dust and potash. Avoid anything with high nitrogen, or you'll get lots of lovely green leaves, but not so many berries.
- Do not grow your strawberries in a place where you recently grew peas or other legumes.
- Strawberry's best friend is Borage. Learn more about this beneficial companion plant and how to keep your strawberries, naturally, growing their best

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