Tiny Tree Herb Farm is a family operated farm located near the coastal community of Brentwood Bay overlooking the Malahat, on beautiful Vancouver Island in BC. Since purchasing the 6-acre property from a cousin in 2016, James, Yvonne, Tilia and Cedar, grow unsprayed ornamental and edible flowers along with medicinal and culinary herbs, trees and mushrooms. The rich soil, spring-fed water and ample sun exposure makes it a beautiful place to grow and live. 
The Flower Patch at Tiny Tree Herb Farm was born in 2019 when Yvonne offered a friend to come “pick her garden” for her wedding flowers.  From there, the idea was born to supply farm fresh, unsprayed, locally grown flowers for weddings, events and local floral shops as well as packaged edible flowers and pre-made bouquets to local cafes and farm shops.

Guerrilla Gardener at Work

The Flower Patch at Tiny Tree Herb Farm is a passion project, born in 2019 when Yvonne offered a friend to come “pick my garden” for her wedding flowers.  But the seed was sown long ago: with a lifelong love for nature, a strong work ethic and a wild creative spirit.

Bringing beautiful blooms into the world, begins one seed at a time. Then, planting in rich healthy soil, dutifully prepared and worked with my own hands. Followed by careful sustainable management and observation of plant growth, in the fresh clean open air surrounded by the buzz of busy pollinators and backyard birds. Next, the fun part, collecting buckets of flowers, cut at just the right time of readiness, in the early hours of the day, to create unique and colorful arrangements. And it all ends with the delivery of nature’s beauty to our smiling community - yes, I LOVE THIS GIG!

The flower farmer - florist dream has really blossomed and now we supply farm fresh, unsprayed, locally grown flowers to local flower shops; provide full design services for weddings, events; as well, we package edible flowers; and deliver pre-made bouquets to local cafes and farm shops.


What's with the long name?
With both of us having a long love for Botany, and one of us being a professional Herbalist, our children are named after trees: Tilia and Cedar. Hence, Tiny Tree Herb Farm. The flower piece is just that; it all started with just a Patch of Flowers....now, we're jockeying for space: flowers, medicine, food, orchards. Lets just say, its a good problem to have.


And what about the Herbs?
James is a trained herbalist and partner at Pacific Rim College (PRC), an award winning, school of holistic medicine and sustainable living in Victoria, British Columbia. Through its world-renowned campus programs and online education, PRC is at the forefront of education in the areas of herbal medicine, acupuncture, holistic nutrition, doula training, and permaculture design.

James is a Medical Herbalist, having studied with the College of Phytotherapy in the UK and achieving a B.Sc. in Herbal Medicine. He has also completed a post-graduate Diploma in Herbal Medicine at the University of Central Lancashire with a specialty in Herbal Education.

James developed the herbal medicine program; teaches in the program and takes on the odd patient (not a lot of spare time on his hands). He maintains professional membership in the Canadian Herbalists Association of BC (CHA of BC) and is the current President of the association. He is a past member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP) in the UK and of the oldest professional herbal association in the world, the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH).

Interested in learning more about the farm and the systems we have in place? Come for a tour and see, smell, touch and taste, what we're up to!